What you need to know

Q: How long are the services?

A: Our services are 60-75 minutes long. We keep it short so you want to keep coming back. We want you to leave wanting more – not wishing it was less. Church should be the best hour of your week!

Q: What's the dress code?

A: You'll find everything from street clothes to business dress at our Weekend Experiences. Come in what is comfortable for you. God cares more about the condition of your heart than the clothes you have on.

Q: So I’m thinking about visiting Ignite Church. What should I expect?

A: We believe church should be an enjoyable experience, and something to look forward to. So here’s what you’ll experience: great live music, friendly people, laughter, exciting kids programs, messages that make a difference and a casual atmosphere.

Q: What makes Ignite different?

A: We aren’t trying to be different – we’re just being ourselves. We want to have real relationships and give practical messages of hope.

Q: Do I have to give money when I show up?

A: Nope! Every service we give our regular attenders an opportunity to give an offering, but it is not required. You’re welcome to come and check us out as long as you want before you think about giving.

Q: What if I come from a different church background?

A: That’s great! We are glad you’re here. We welcome anyone from any religious background. Come as you are!

Q: What happens when I drop my kids off at Ignite Kids?

A: Imagine fun games, friendly and safe supervision and a dramatic environment. Ignite Kids is an exciting place where your kids can discover how to find and follow God.

Q: Is Ignite Church affiliated with any group?

A: Ignite is affiliated with both the Association of Related Churches (ARC) and Vineyard USA.