IGNITE WOrship Open Call

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the IGNITE Worship Crew. There are

many areas to be involved including Platform and A/V.  Get started with the steps below.

  • Acknowledge the requirements. 

    All positions in the crew have a high commitment level and are very important in the running of our services. 

    Initial requirements are as follows:

    • Be a Christ follower. 

    • 16 years or older. 

    • Faithfully attend IGNITE Church for at least 3 months. 

    • Have attended IGNITE Essentials or registered for the next class. 

    • Become a member of IGNITE Church.

    We realize it takes a lot of courage to have your talent/skillset evaluated, so please rest assured your evaluation will be held in the most respectful and confidential way. Once you have sent your evaluation, the committee will go over it and will send you a result email. Because we care very much for the hearts and well-being of potential crew members we ask that you seriously consider how the outcome of your evaluation could affect you. Not all evaluations lead to a “yes”, some lead to a “no”. If you feel that receiving a “no” to continuing in the process would be detrimental to you and your emotional health, we ask that you prayerfully consider whether you should continue to pursue this ministry at this time. If you believe it would not negatively impact your spiritual and emotional wellbeing, we would love to have you evaluate. 

  • Video yourself.

    We are so excited to have your video submission! Here is what we need from you in in video form: 

    1. Tell us your name and why you are interested in becoming part of the IGNITE Worship Crew! 

    2. Tell us if you are interested in Platform or A/V.

    Platform: Vocal, Instrument (what instrument).

    A/V:  Sound, Multi-Media(working the screen), Live Stream, Lights.

    3. (Platform) Record the following elements:

    • You playing and/or singing a song of your choice. 

    • Your responses to the following questions:

       - What experience, if any, do you have in playing/singing in pubic?

       - How do you feel singing/music as a whole has an impact on church services? 

       - What else would you like us to know about you?

    3. (A/V)

    • Record your responses to the following questions:

       - What experience, if any, do you have in the area you are interested? 

       - Do you love to work with technology? 

       - Are you good with details and focusing on the task at hand? 

       - Do you follow directions, take feedback, and directions well? 

       - Are you a problem solver?

       - How do you feel Audio/Visual as a whole has an impact on church services? 

       - What else would you like us to know about you?

  • Submit your video via YouTube.

    YouTube Uploading Instructions: IPhone/Android Devices: 

       • Open app on device. 

       • Click on the “+” symbol located at the bottom center of screen. 

       • Click on “Upload A Video”. 

       • Select the video you want to upload and click “Next”. 

       • Under “Title”, type name and area of interest. 

       • Click “Add Description” and type name and email address. 

       • Click “Visibility” and set to “Unlisted”. Once video is uploaded: 

       • Open video and click “Share”. 

       • Copy link. 

       • Paste link in an email along with your name, age, and phone number.

       • Send email to worship@ignitechurch.cc with "Open Call" in the subject line.